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Roma outlet Grigio Scarpe ZX Flux / Uomo Adidas Originals rhxz135y1wku

Roma outlet Grigio Scarpe ZX Flux / Uomo Adidas Originals rhxz135y1wku

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Le ZX Flux hanno cambiato pelle. La superficie 3D riflettente di questa versione da uomo è ispirata alle squame cangianti dei serpenti arcobaleno asiatici. Il materiale leggermente scintillante esplode in una miriade di colori quando viene esposto alla luce solare diretta.
Props to Adidas for putting the new "XENO" Tech onto the ZX Flux, it is amazing, love everything about it, I've been wearing it everywhere lately, best to wear when I go bike riding with friends at night time! 24 agosto 2015
Looks and feels great. It is comfortable and very light. It is well constructed. Loving it. 23 agosto 2015
Probably The Best Shoes I have Had.PerformanceIt Took My Legs Couple Of Days To Get Accustomed To It But Once You Are Used Of The Shoes You Feel So Comfortable.TechnologyReflexive Surface Gives A Multi Look (Grey, White and Silver)ZX Flux Torsion Ads Comfort To ItInspirationWhat An Idea! Asian Snake WOW !PriceReasonable For Such A Dearer ProductRecommendation To AdidasThe Should Also Get Inspiration From Arowana / Dragon Fish and If They Do I Should Be The Brand Manager lol 28 luglio 2015
..these are the ones to get. It's solid, well-made, comfy to wear all day, and certainly looks really, really goodThe only thing that made me wonder was these Onix Xenos didnt come with the same awesome packaging as the Black Xenos. While the Black ones got a special black box and stuff, these Onix ones came with a normal blue adidas box. And they both cost the same. I find this quite disappointingAnyway, since I'm gonna use the shoes not the box, I'd still highly recommend these Onix Xenos. Might be a good investment too as it can be a future classic (No promises though) 21 luglio 2015
I like the fit of these trainers and the way they look So much I bought 3 pairs 18 luglio 2015
Absolutely love these shoes. Had initially wanted the black but i am more than happy with the Grey. Compared to a normal flux, they did seem a little bit smaller as i normally comfortably fit size 9 but these seemed almost tight. The light reflection is awesome and i constantly find myself looking at my feet! 15 luglio 2015
One of the best shoes Ive ever got in my life. Its soo comfortable, and so good looking, at night the colours jsut pop out indoors, outdoors, necks breaks starin at these on the roads kids.Get em while they still have em, they wont restalk, so get em while their here. Definitely worth the price. Not a lot of people have these. So you will feel unique thats for sure. 28 giugno 2015
Wow, a great looking shoe in par with the black version, which I wanted to buy but it had sold out. The material and craftsmanship is outstanding. The sizing is where most people have trouble with. You have to either go down 1/2 or a size down, not up. I'm a 7 and went a size down. The length is perfect but I find it abit too narrow. So I'm thinking of returning it to get a 6.5 but now they've sold out on that size. Argh, should I stick or wait, as my refund time will run out. All in all, a great pair of trainers. 26 giugno 2015
Great shoe and concept. Love the comfort! Great quality material used. 25 giugno 2015
These shoes are the best example of 3M reflective detailing on a shoe. Period.In the day, these shoes will reflect ambient light well but it is at night when these shoes come to life with an incredible combination of white and iridescent reflective material. Additionally, they are very well constructed, comfortable and durable. This is a perfect shoe in terms of aesthetics and practicality. 10/10! 22 giugno 2015